How do moped speed variator pulleys work?

Answer Mopeds are all about simplicity and performance at low cost. Variator systems help make mopeds so-equipped easier to operate while providing good performance and fuel economy.PurposeA variator pull... Read More »

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What is a variator on a moped?

A variator on a moped is part of the drive system... It is a variable diameter pulley which governs the gearing ratio between the engine RPM and the number of times the wheel is turned inrelation t... Read More »

How to Adjust the Variator on a Moped?

A motorized pedal cycle is a fun and inexpensive way to get around. For some users, a moped's speed is a little on the slow side. Adjust the variator on a moped in order to increase the speed. Adju... Read More »

How to Calculate the Speed of Two Different Pulleys?

Pulleys provide a simple way to transfer power from one shaft to another. By using pulleys with various diameters, you can specify the mechanical advantage and the relative speeds of the shafts. As... Read More »

How do pulleys work?

A pulley is a simple mechanical device used to lift heavy loads. Pulleys change the direction of a force, thereby making it easier to raise loads. Pulleys are used in many settings, including the c... Read More »