How do moms give birth?

Answer Moms give birth through their vagina and it is very hard for them to bear the pains.

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How can I help my friend find her biological Mother with only the knowledge of her birth moms name and date of birth and adoption day?

My father in law was adopted at age 6 in 1927 and lived in a n orphanage can we find out about his birth mother or familyhe died in 1994 and we only know the birth moms name?

After you give birth how long should you wait to give birth to a baby again?

It is best to wait at least a year to try to get pregnant again so your body can fully heal before going thru the same rough process again. If you get pregnant soon after having a baby the chances ... Read More »

A Question For Birth Moms From An Adoptee?

Hiya Zuko,Great question - you've voiced many of the concerns that so many adoptees feel. (these fears had me running in circles for years!!)I also waited and waited to search and reach out - becau... Read More »