How do modern printers connect to your computer?

Answer There's three connection possibilities, excluding Ethernet/network printers and vintage curiosities:USB: most printers from about 2000 on. You can use this on any modern computer.Parallel: Was the ... Read More »

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How to Connect a Wireless Computer to Hardwired Printers?

Turn hardwired printers into network printers for wireless computers by installing a printer server. Wireless printer servers are available at any online or brick and mortar electronics store. They... Read More »

Can you connect your canon rebel xti to your computer while taking pictures and have them show on the computer screen?

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Is it possible to directly control printers laser through your computer?

Yes it is possible to control it with modification to the circuitry. But that class of laser is not strong enough for cutting. I believe you need a class 4 laser. This might give you more details o... Read More »

Describe what one of your days would be like without the invention of the modern computer?

Without the invention of the device u mentioned it is not possible for me to answer ur question in the same way u used to ask and share me. Right dear.?