How do modern printers connect to your computer?

Answer There's three connection possibilities, excluding Ethernet/network printers and vintage curiosities:USB: most printers from about 2000 on. You can use this on any modern computer.Parallel: Was the ... Read More »

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How to Connect a Wireless Computer to Hardwired Printers?

Turn hardwired printers into network printers for wireless computers by installing a printer server. Wireless printer servers are available at any online or brick and mortar electronics store. They... Read More »

How do I connect to internet printers with IIS 6?

Enable Internet PrintingClick "Start," "Administrative Tools" and "Internet Information Services Manager." Double-click the name of the server that you are turning Internet printing on for, and cli... Read More »

Can laptops connect to printers?

If they can connect (USB, wireless, or a network printer) and you've got the drivers for the printer installed - it should work.

How to Connect Multiple USB Printers?

If you work in an office setting, you may require multiple printers for different types of printing. You can connect all of your printers to one computer using the USB port. Each USB port can supp... Read More »