How do microscopes help scientists&doctors?

Answer The primary function of a microscope is to magnify an image. Doctors and other healthcare personnel use microscopes for several reasons. Scientists also use microscopes to do research in a variety ... Read More »

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How many different microscopes are there?

Microscopes are used to magnify and study objects/materials that are too small to examine with the naked eye. There are six different types of microscopes: optical, compound, digital, fluorescence,... Read More »

What Are LM Microscopes?

Microscopes are instruments that allow you to magnify objects that you cannot physically see or small things that you would like to view more closely. Light microscopes--or LM--are a specific type ... Read More »

Microscopes Used in Science?

Microscopes visualize objects too small to see with the naked eye. The major types of microscopes used in research and the classroom include light microscopes, which use light to image a sample; el... Read More »

How do microscopes help humans?

The microscope was invented in 1590. Since then, it has developed into a powerful tool designed to help humans see things they usually could not with the naked eye. Due to the microscope, humans ha... Read More »