How do mechanical watches work?

Answer Although most of the timepieces in today's world use internal electronics to keep them running accurately, the mechanical watch performs its many tasks with only a spring to power it.DescriptionThe... Read More »

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How Does a Mechanical Car Jack Work?

If your vehicle ever breaks down, you could be in bad shape if you don't know how to use a mechanical car jack. This is a tool used to help an individual lift a vehicle for maintenance purposes. In... Read More »

How do pocket watches work?

Pocket watches, once a phenomenon, were richly adorned and carried by heads of state, royalty and gentlemen. Though they are not as popular these days, new pocket watches are still being made. Pock... Read More »

How does the mechanical vacuum cleaner work?

What is the work of a mechanical engineer in NASA?

Buckle up 'cause the NASA mechanical engineer has his hands full. Both of them! The mechanical engineer might be called an "applied physicist" because he takes the principles of physics and applies... Read More »