How do mcdonalds make all burgers taste the same?

Answer Because they all are made out of plastic and chemicals!WELCOME TO 'MURIKA!

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Why when I make a meal at home why does it not taste the same as from the Chinese take a way?

You not the only one buddy; us Chinese at home cannot replicate Chinese restaurant dishes either. It will be 'close' when religiously following classic recipes but never the same. It is in the fire... Read More »

Why doesn't nesquick powder taste the same as Nestlé nesquick ready to drink when you make it ?

You might be preparing it wrong. Too much milk, too less powder. when i make it it taste the same to me.. try putting a little more powder then the directions call for..

Does anyone know what kind of spices does red smith pickled eggs use or so i can make it taste the same?

I use the standard pickling spice mix, I like cider vinegar, a bit of sugar and not to much salt, just make sure the eggs are not overcooked as they turn grey inside if they are, just cook the spic... Read More »

Does decaf tea and regular tea taste the same?