How do magnets affect CDs& audio tapes?

Answer Magnet fields can have an influence on many things. A strong enough magnet can have an affect on an audio tape, but it will not have an affect on a CD no matter how powerful it is.FeaturesCDs are r... Read More »

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Who invented audio tapes?

Marvin Camras (1916-1995) invented magnetic recording and held more than 500 patents including those for audio recording tape, videotape and various recording heads. He spent most of his career at ... Read More »

How to Convert Audio Tapes to Digital?

Old audio tapes can be converted into digital files for storage on a computer, uploading to an MP3 or iPod player, or burning to a CD. Converting tape to digital preserves old recordings that are m... Read More »

Can audio cassette tapes be transferred onto CDs?

You can easily and inexpensively convert cassettes to CDs with the right cable to go from the cassette deck or player to the computer soundcard jack, free or cheap audio capture and editing softwar... Read More »

How to Convert Audio Cassette Tapes to Digital?

Transforming old audio cassettes into a digital format makes it possible to continue enjoying the music on the tape long after the actual cassette becomes brittle and loses sound quality, which oft... Read More »