How do mac&pc compare in ram usage?

Answer Random Access Memory (RAM) is a form of information storage. It is used as a fast way to store and retrieve data that is not saved by the computer upon shutdown. Macs and PCs utilize RAM in the sam... Read More »

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How to Compare Ink Usage in Printers?

While the price of the printer is important, in the end the cost of ink is far more critical. In some cases the cost of a single set of replacement ink cartridges is more than the original cost of ... Read More »

How Does Energy Usage of an LCD Computer Monitor Compare With That of a CRT?

CRT monitors are one of the oldest and least efficient graphical display units available to computers. LCD monitors are slimmer and use much less energy. Both types of monitors, however, should be ... Read More »

Is cell phone usage during a storm as dangerous as corded phone usage?

No. it is much less dangerous it is not connected to a cord with electricity which is connected to an electricity pole which is high off the ground and lightning goes after something high off the g... Read More »

Is it bad to have nearly 100% cpu usage 24/7?

Yes it is bad to have it at 100% 24/7 should fluctuate a lot not stuck at 100 % , what can happen is freezes , and hard to access a program , might want to shut those programs down or check for... Read More »