How do love birds mate?

Answer Lovebirds are a member of the parrot family and are a popular pet often kept in pairs. They are not monogamous, and a male lovebird mates with as many females as he can in order to continue his lin... Read More »

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I Love Yerba Mate, but I've heard it's linked to esophageal cancer Is this true Please say it ain't so :(?

The evidence is flimsy. Even sunlight is a risk for cancer.Wiki is pretty good on this topic :"Mate consumption is associated with oral cancer, esophagus cancer, cancer of the larynx, and squamous... Read More »

Different Kinds of Love Birds?

Lovebirds are small parrots originating in Africa and Madagascar. Scientifically their genus is known as Agapornis, and there are nine different species. They make suitable house pets and can live ... Read More »

Kinds of African Love Birds?

African love birds, which are also simply called lovebirds, are small, hook-beaked parrots. African love birds all come from the genus Agapornis, of which there are nine species. Of these nine spec... Read More »

How to Breed African Love Birds?

African lovebirds are small parrots that can be friendly, personable pets. There are nine distinct species of African lovebirds, but they can all be bred using the same procedures. Learning how to ... Read More »