How do logos graphically support their ideas?

Answer Logos are visual representations of the idea behind the client's business or other endeavor. A logo designer matches the client's idea to graphic elements or a combination of elements, which have w... Read More »

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Ideas for Business Cards with Wedding Cake Design Logos?

The ideal business card logo depends a great deal on the aesthetic and attitude of your business. A fun, youthful organization that specializes in offbeat weddings will do better with a funky, ecce... Read More »

How to Solve Systems of Inequalities Graphically?

An inequality is a mathematical statement that can have many different solutions. It uses the symbols of less than () or equal to (=). Symbols are also combined as less than or equal to (≤) and g... Read More »

What Are the Pros of Solving Sytems of Equations Graphically?

A system of equations contains one or more variables, and the solutions to a system are where the graphs of the equations intersect. The algebraic methods for solving a system involve the manipulat... Read More »

How to Draw Oval Shape Graphically in Conic Section?

A conic section is the two-dimensional shape you get when you take a slice from a cone. An oval is a rectangle with rounded ends, and an ellipse is the oval-like shape that is a conic section. An e... Read More »