How do lobsters get oxygen?

Answer Lobsters are saltwater crustaceans that breathe in oxygen from the water. They can also breathe oxygen from the air.AnatomyLike a fish, a lobster has external gills located on each side of its body... Read More »

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How to Boil Lobsters?

Intimidated by the idea of boiling lobster? Boiling is the most popular and a very simple way of preparing lobster.

How to Catch Lobsters?

Recreational fishers interested in catching lobster should tailor their fishing method to the type of lobster they're targeting. There are 2 main types of lobster: clawed lobsters and spiny lobster... Read More »

How many moles of oxygen molecules are in 32 grams of oxygen gas?

The formula for determining the moles of a compound is grams (g) divided by molecular weight (MW), or moles = g / MW. The molecular formula of oxygen gas is Oâ‚‚, and because each oxygen atom posse... Read More »

How are lobsters shipped live?

Thanks to overnight shipping services, a person living far away from the shore can order live lobsters for tomorrow's dinner. Lobster vendors have a variety of methods to keep a lobster alive durin... Read More »