How do living organisms interact with their environment?

Answer Organisms interact with their environment by helping other animals produce to make more or Organisms to the environment's like when you have to go fishing but you will have to wait until they produ... Read More »

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What Are All the Living Organisms in the Biosphere & Their Effects on Each Called?

Ecology is the subfield of biology that studies how organisms interact. It also studies how the environment affects organisms and vice versa. According to the text "Ecology: From Individuals to Eco... Read More »

What is a study of the function of living organisms&their parts called?

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines biology as, "a branch of knowledge that deals with living organisms and vital processes," and Collins English Dictionary continues by saying that this study also ... Read More »

Sites for Pre-K Science Activities With Living Organisms?

Before students even get started with kindergarten, they can learn all about the world around them by participating in science experiments and activities. Preschool-age children are likely to enjoy... Read More »

Can children interact with their dead siblings?

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