How do living organisms affect soil?

Answer by burrowing and moving soil particles and eroding it.

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Are corals living organisms?

According to the Coral Reef Alliance, coral is made up of tiny animals called coral polyps. The hard rock-like substance is the accumulation of the skeletons left behind when the polyps die.Referen... Read More »

Why are viruses not living organisms?

Viruses are similar to single-celled organisms in structure, but means of reproduction differentiate the two and indicate that viruses are not living organisms.CellsAll living organisms are formed ... Read More »

How to Describe the Interdependence of Living Organisms?

Though living organisms may not be of the same species, they still can be dependent on one another. It is important to understand the interdependence of living organisms within an ecosystem in orde... Read More »

Importance of Water to Living Organisms?

Water is one of the main constituents on earth. Two thirds of the earth is covered by water. Approximately 75 percent of the human body is formed of water. Every form of life on earth depends on wa... Read More »