How do like your tuna...........?

Answer I like it fresh, never canned or frozen, and grilled sashimi style. Its good either coated with sesame seeds and pan seared sashimi style, or coated with balsamic reduction and pan seared sashimi s... Read More »

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If I put tuna in macaroni will it taste like tuna helper ?

It will be yummy!I have been mixing tuna into my mac and cheese for years.Just add salt and pepper.Velveeta shells and cheese will make it great.

How do you like to make your tuna sandwich?

My favorite tuna salad sandwich is as follows:2 slices whole grain bread, lightly spread with mayonaise mixed with a dash of dijon mustard1 can good tuna in olive oil, drained3 T mayo1-2 T sweet re... Read More »

Your 14 mo old developed vomiting drooling glossy eyes lethargy and in coherent like spells while at daycare Unsure if he got into something or if it was from the tuna he ate for the 1st time why?

Do you like tuna noodle casserole?

Yes,i love it.What time can i come by to pick it up? Lol!