How do lightning rods work?

Answer The development of the lightning rod was a scientific breakthrough that held large political ramifications during the middle to late 1700s. Benjamin Franklin was at the forefront of this breakthrou... Read More »

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Are lightning rods effective?

Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning rod in 1752, according to an Idea Finder web page on the history of lightning rods. Franklin designed a sharp-pointed iron rod to install on top of tall bui... Read More »

Who uses lightning rods?

Lightning rods are used to redirect lightning strikes. They are commonly used on the tops of tall buildings in order to prevent damage to the building itself. The electricity is redirected to a g... Read More »

Is Benjamin Franklin the inventor of lightning rods?

Officially, yes. Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning rod in 1749. Others, though, independently created similar devices. Czech priest Prokop DiviÅ¡ invented a lightning rod in 1754. Ancient st... Read More »

Do dowsing rods work?

On One Hand: Unknown EnergyPractitioners of dowsing feel that finding water or lost objects using dowsing rods or pendulums works by the dowser forming a connection between themselves and the natur... Read More »