How do lightning bugs glow in the dark?

Answer Fireflies, also known as lightning bugs, are nocturnal members of the Lampyridae family. These brightly lit flying beetles are a common sight on warm summer evenings and have long fascinated childr... Read More »

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What makes glow-in-the-dark stars glow?

Glow-in-the-dark stars are a fun toy for children because they remain glowing in a seemingly magical fashion. The technology behind glow-in-the-dark toys extends to many other day-to-day items.Glow... Read More »

What makes glow in the dark things glow?

Three main ways. Radioactive, light absorbing material and chemical reaction.Radioactive: In the good old days say before the 80's or 70's they used Radium. They painted watch & clock dials and ins... Read More »

Does electricity make air glow in lightning?

Yes, lightning does cause the air along its path to glow in a process called gas excitation. Gasses in the air, especially nitrogen, are heated, and their molecules move rapidly. Light is generate... Read More »

Why do you not see lightning bugs in the day?

Because their body chemistry responds to night-time lighting and living, fireflies or lightning bugs [Lampyridae family] tend not to be seen during the day. During the day, they try to hide in the ... Read More »