How do ladybugs help the environment?

Answer Ladybugs or lady beetles are a cheerful sign of spring and are often a delight to children. With over 6,000 species worldwide, ladybugs are a common sight in backyards, gardens and farmers' fields.... Read More »

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How do Ladybugs Help Organic Farming?

Ladybugs are great. They eat insects that farmers consider to be pests, like aphids, and don't harm plants themselves. So if you have enough ladybugs and the right climate, you could eliminate your... Read More »

Flying ladybugs =[! Please help, I'm such a wimp lmao.?

well...lady bugs are nothing to be scared of...they are very beautiful and harmless...but i guess you're EXTREMELY terrified of bugs so i don't think there is a way to get them out of the rooms wit... Read More »

Inventions to Help Our Environment?

Some might believe that environmentalism is a new thing, but that's far from the truth. The fact is that man has been caring for the environment for nearly as long as he has depended upon it for su... Read More »

How to Volunteer to Help the Environment?

Taking time out of your schedule to volunteer for environmental causes will help the Earth and the animals that live on it. You will also feel good that you are doing the right thing by being a par... Read More »