How do know when baby's fever is to high baby?

Answer You are a child who looks like a very old person. Bald, wrinkly, bad eyes, etc.

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How high a fever does a baby have to get before you go to the hospital?

All races are affected by Cockayne Syndrome. To learn more about this syndrome

If A child is found to have a fever of forty degrees Celsius how does a high fever affect the tissues in this child?

Why do you use baby lotion on your babys?

Because baby lotions are specially formulated to provide babies with a gentler version of moisturiser which is packed full of beneficial extras to help the particular type of skin that babies have ... Read More »

How do the babys respiration and circulation change when the baby is born?

It no longer depends on the mother for oxygen...... ~(3*14*09)~ R+J :) :)