How do kids write an autobiography?

Answer When faced with writing assignments, most children fill with anxiety. Simply assure them that because they can speak, they can write. And with autobiographies, they are the experts on the subject.C... Read More »

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How to Write an Autobiography for Kids and Teachers?

Writing an autobiography provides an excellent exercise for students. Autobiographies help teach essay writing skills while forcing students to think about what they want in the future. If you are ... Read More »

How to Write an Autobiography?

Whether you have enjoyed a life well-lived or suffered through a life of hardships and mistakes, you probably have an interesting tale to tell. Here's how to get started on a full-length autobiogra... Read More »

Who was the first person to write an autobiography?

Saint Augustine of Hippo wrote the first autobiography in 401 A.D., entitled "Confessions." Saint Augustine was a Roman citizen from North Africa who became a Catholic bishop. His "Confessions" des... Read More »

How to Write an Autobiography for a PhD Program?

Many Ph.D. programs require an autobiographical essay as part of the application process. An autobiography should be written in a different manner than a personal statement, which may also be requi... Read More »