How do kids learn to tell time?

Answer Most children begin to learn to tell time in kindergarten, although learning to tell time accurately on a variety of clocks can take several years, and it takes many children longer to tell time th... Read More »

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How to Learn to Tell Time From Interactive Games?

Interactive games teach children to tell time because the play helps immerse them in the activity so that they are learning and remembering, as well as having fun. Use activities in the classroom o... Read More »

How to Teach Kids to Tell Time?

Teaching a kid to tell time is a watermark in his or her life. However, using two numbering systems at once (1 through 12 and 1 through 60) can be very difficult to conceptualize at a young age. To... Read More »

When is the right time to inform my kids that I really don't like kids?

OMG! That is so funny!I don't particularly like kids either. I like my kids, some of my friends kids, some of my relatives but generally speaking I find a lot of kids horribly behaved and painful... Read More »

Should bed time be bed time or would you let you kids play quietly after being put to bed?

Here's what worked for us... our two daughters could choose three toys to take to bed with them. They were allowed to play quietly in their beds until they fell asleep. Leave the door partially o... Read More »