How do kidneys function to reduce water loss in terrestial animals?

Answer Reabsorb water back into the body that is being

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How do kidneys reduce water loss in terrestrial animals?

How do plants reduce water loss?

Stomatas close to prevent transpiration occurring, and this goes to further water loss.

How does liver function affect the kidneys?

The liver and kidneys are the main filters of the bloodstream. The liver has a part in over 500 metabolic processes in the body, a number of which affect the kidneys. Together, the liver and kidney... Read More »

Carbonated Water Vs. Flat Water for Healthy Kidneys?

Drinking carbonated water actually will result in more pressure being put on the kidneys, according to the website Carbonated Seltzer Water. The kidneys, less than a pound in weight each, are alrea... Read More »