How do jumping stilts work?

Answer As prices come down, jumping stilts may become the next big fad. Combining the best of stilts and pogo sticks, jumping stilts allow their wearers to become the next Six Million Dollar Man. This new... Read More »

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How to Make Stilts?

Have you always wanted to be taller? Do you want to reach something on the top shelf without getting a ladder or step stool? Stilts may be the thing you need.

How to Put on Drywall Stilts?

Drywall stilts are made to assist in hanging drywall in high places like ceilings and tall walls. Drywall stilts allow you to reach these places without the use of a ladder and leaving both of your... Read More »

How to Start Using Stilts?

Walking on stilts is really fun once you learn how to!  You just have to be patient and confident in yourself.  While you're doing it you may fall, but keep on trying no matter what!  Anyone can... Read More »

How to Make Stilts for Boys?

The only thing more fun than using a pair of wooden stilts is making them. Once you master the art of building the stilts, learning how to walk on them is another challenge. Starting out with footr... Read More »