How do insurance companies decide to total a vehicle?

Answer After an accident, a car insurance company may decide that it is better to "total" a car; that is, declaring the car a total loss rather than attempting to repair it. This decision can be reached f... Read More »

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When do insurance companies total a car?

An insurance company will total a car if it decides it is not worth its while to fix it. The insurance company factors everything into its decision, including the age and condition of the car.Consi... Read More »

Are insurance companies the only ones that can declare a car a total loss?

How do insurance companies define a total auto loss?

Most insurance companies will declare a vehicle a total loss when the cost of repairs are more than the car is worth or the vehicle is so damaged that it can't be safely repaired, according to Geic... Read More »

Are insurance companies required to pay car rental in total loss claims?

On One Hand: For the Policyholder.In general, you have the option of adding a rental car rider to your auto insurance policy. If you choose to purchase the rider, then your company must pay for you... Read More »