How do insects pollinate flowers?

Answer Cross-pollination As the insect moves from flower to flower gathering pollen (to make honey), they brush up against the flower's stamen and anthers. Pollen is deposited on the body of the insect by... Read More »

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Which Animals/Insects Can Pollinate Flowers?

Flowers are pollinated in a number of ways. One way is through the assistance of insects and other animals. There are several animals that aid in the pollination of flowers. Without these animals, ... Read More »

What do insects get from flower to pollinate?

How to Pollinate Flowers?

Flower pollination is the transmitting of pollen from a male plant to a female plant. Some flowers contain male and female parts, and pollination can occur by transferring pollen from the male orga... Read More »

How do I pollinate flowers?

Pollinate tomatoes and similar self-pollinating flowers by shaking or vibrating the stem of the plant for a few seconds. One method is to hold the vibrating end of an electric toothbrush against th... Read More »