How do insecticides affect plants?

Answer Insecticides shouldn't really affect plants. Some insecticides travel through the plant so that when the bug eats the plant the bug gets poisoned. But it doesn't really affects the plant itself. He... Read More »

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How Do Herbicides Affect Plants?

Herbicides are chemicals that are used to kill plants or to prevent the normal growth of the plant. Herbicides are commonly used by farmers to help kill weeds to prevent them from taking over crop... Read More »

How does the oil spill affect the plants?

oil has a surtan cimical so yayOil fumes are toxic to plants. The oil also makes the surface of the water black, which allows no light to reach the plants, meaning that they can't photosynthesize. ... Read More »

Do color lights affect plants?

On One Hand: Plants Preferentially Absorb Certain WavelengthsThe chlorophyll and other pigments in plants do absorb some light frequencies better than others. Typically, plants absorb light mostly ... Read More »

Do vitamins affect the health of plants?

i am doing a project on it so i will let you know when i have a good answer.