How do ilet your parents adopt your child?

Answer Adopting a baby internationally roughly costs 20-25k. Half of this cost includes transportation to that county.

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Can a pregnant child's parents force the child to adopt her baby?

Legally you can not force your child to give up the custody. They are the guardian of their child and not you, no matter how old they are.

If you are 15 and have the help of your parents can you adopt a child?

Answer In any part of the world that I know of, it would be impossible to adopt a child at that age. It is well below the lower limit of adoption and there are other factors that are considered tha... Read More »

Can you let your parents adopt your child?

yes they can adopt your child but just remember that you are giving up all your rights

How do you adopt a child without there parents permission?

The law varies from state to state, but most states have provisions for adult adoption. You should contact your local courthouse and ask for the forms.Good luck!