How do iPod videos work?

Answer With Apple claiming 25 percent of worldwide digital-music player sales, iPods have become one of the world's most popular electronic accessories. Not only can you store thousands of songs, but now ... Read More »

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Why wouldn't my IPod videos work on Windows Movie Maker?

Try another NLEditor.or go through the conversion process. It can take a little time to get you work-flow working as you like. I suggest that you use some short, unimportant files to practice with... Read More »

Convert mpeg4 videos recorded on ipod into avi videos for windows movie maker?

How to Turn Normal Videos into iPod Videos?

Videos on your computer that are in AVI, MOV, or MPEG format can be converted into iPod videos through the iTunes program on your computer, as well as through the QuickTime Pro program. ITunes is t... Read More »

Captures videos in QVGA or VGA resolution with sound i want to buy a camera that records videos with sounds would this work?

VGA means a resolution of x = 640 to y = 480 pixel on displays/screens.A quarter of the VGA's resolution is called QVGA (Quarter VGA, 320x240 pixel).