How do i zap nicad batteries?

Answer Attach the black clamp from a 12-volt battery charger to the flat end of a NiCad battery. Tap the red clamp from a 12-volt battery charger to the bumpy or raised end on the NiCad battery. Tapping m... Read More »

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How do i rejuvenate nicad batteries?

Discharge the nickel-cadmium, or nicad, battery completely (to about 1.0 V per cell) by using it in a device as long as possible. However, do not leave it in a slow-draining device for a long perio... Read More »

How do I recharge nicad batteries?

Read the Recharging SpecificationsRead the recharging specifications for your Nicad batteries, which were provided by the manufacturer. Find the recharge number (C5 to C15), which will tell you how... Read More »

How do i dispose of nicad batteries?

Check to see if your nicad battery has a Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC) label on it. Bring nicad batteries with the RBRC label on it to retail and home-improvement stores such as... Read More »

How do I recycle nicad batteries?

Check your nicad battery for the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation logo. This is a small circular sticker that reads RBRC and includes their recycling information number: 800-822-8837.This... Read More »