How do i write footnotes in mla format?

Answer Indicate the Order and AuthorWrite the superscript number, which indicates which reference you are referring to in the order it appeared on that page, followed by the author's full name, first foll... Read More »

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How to Write Footnotes?

There are two types of footnotes: comments and citations. Comments allow you to make notes on your writing, such as a short explanation of a term readers may be unfamiliar with, or an aside about h... Read More »

How do I write footnotes in MLA?

FormattingInsert the footnote number as a superscript in the relevant place, usually at the end of a sentence. At the bottom of the page, write the note following the number that matches the relate... Read More »

How to Write a Paper With Footnotes?

Most college writing assignments are based on reading and research. You might have to write a research paper that uses a variety of sources. According to, a footnote is "an explanato... Read More »

How to Write Correct Footnotes & Endnotes?

Improperly formatted endnotes and footnotes can be just as distracting to the reader as typos and incorrect punctuation in the body of a paper and hurt the credibility of your work. Therefore, a go... Read More »