How do i write a bootloader to an iso?

Answer A program written in Assembler code would need to be compiled into an executable format before it would actually run. And the machine language module would then need to be a stand-alone file to be... Read More »

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How to Hide TC Bootloader?

Here you have step-by-step instructions how to create dual-boot system, containing Unencrypted (U) windows partition and Regular TrueCrypt Encrypted System (R). Normal (U) Windows boot by default, ... Read More »

Can a Motorola V3x bootloader be updated?

The Motorola Razr V3x bootloader can be updated using a process called flashing. The flashing process requires the user to download a monster pack that contains a bootloader application, language ... Read More »

Will the Droid X have a signed bootloader?

i have one and yes it doe shoot videos, it shoots it in black and whit negative and a bunch of different color effects.

How do you downgrade your bootloader on your iphone 3g?