How do i work sms text messengers?

Answer Turn on your text messenger and push the button for text mode. Make sure that your friend has his messenger on and in text mode. Don't stand more than 50 feet apart from each other.Type your messag... Read More »

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How to Open Multiple Yahoo Messengers in a Single Computer?

How many Yahoo ID do you have? If your answer is more than one, then do you want to sign in all the users you have? Signing in with more than one ID in Yahoo Messenger at the same time may help you... Read More »

How to Work With Text in Cinema 4D?

While people tend to think of 3D models and renders as being used only for animation or video games, they can also be a part of a graphics design, such as for a sign, logo or website banner. Cinema... Read More »

Does the text free app work on all the ipod touches?

Yes. However, all generations previous to 4th generation (the one with cameras) do NOT have a microphone, so you will need to use a headset. You can buy them at the Apple Store for cheap.

Why does my Theme for my text icon and background not work?

I assume when you say "not work" that you mean those particular choices are using something else or nothing at all, and not what you were expecting.You did not say which version of IPhone you are u... Read More »