How do i wipe some information on my computer so it can never be found again?

Answer Eraser = = Eraser 5.84 =…… = No File Recovery AnalogX SuperShredder = http://... Read More »

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How to wipe everything off a computer and start over again?

Is there anyway I can wipe everything off my computer, and start all over again?

yes, you need to erase everything, and reinstall Windows XP. When I do this, I get my computer buddy to help me...but it really isn't very difficult. Just backup bunches of stuf... Read More »

What do you miss on Facebook Have you wanted some-thing/feature/idea but never found it there?

I like this question...let me about having different themes for showing recent posts of friends!I would like to have the friends in a circle and each time your mouse hover over someone's... Read More »

I bought a used computer and my son a few days ago found child porn in some folders in the computer.?

you should call the police. even if you delete the files they will remain on your hardrive. if you take your computer in to be fixed or worked on you run the potential of the computer tech's find... Read More »