How do i wipe my computer clean...i have no space left ?

Answer i assume u are using windows? u have 2 categories of files: those YOU copied (pics, music, programs installed) and files windows used and u dont need anymore. YOUR stuff:1- scan through YOUR files ... Read More »

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I have 23 % space left on disk C. What can I do to create more space?

Delete and remove programs you no longer use, go to your C properties file and do a disc compression. Whatever you can use to store in a CD-RW, use that instead of your harddrive. You can get an ex... Read More »

How do you know how much space is left on your computer?

You probably have a My computer icon on your desk top. Click the icon to open, and then single click the "(C:)" drive under Hard disk drives. Once it is selected, right mouse click on the (C:) driv... Read More »

My Lenovo laptop says I don't have any space left to save file backups?

First, you should not have ANY backup files on your computer. What would happen if the HD failed, or the laptop is stolen? You are screwed.You should have backups on: an external drive, flash dri... Read More »

Is it OK to put a phone near a computer Will it wipe all the data from the computer?

yes it is OK to put a phone next to a computer and no it will not wipe anything off it... where did you get such an idea?