How do i wipe my computer clean...i have no space left ?

Answer i assume u are using windows? u have 2 categories of files: those YOU copied (pics, music, programs installed) and files windows used and u dont need anymore. YOUR stuff:1- scan through YOUR files ... Read More »

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How do you know how much space is left on your computer?

You probably have a My computer icon on your desk top. Click the icon to open, and then single click the "(C:)" drive under Hard disk drives. Once it is selected, right mouse click on the (C:) driv... Read More »

I have 23 % space left on disk C. What can I do to create more space?

Delete and remove programs you no longer use, go to your C properties file and do a disc compression. Whatever you can use to store in a CD-RW, use that instead of your harddrive. You can get an ex... Read More »

My internal hard disk has only 40 mega bite left but loosing space every day .how can make free disk space?

Is it OK to put a phone near a computer Will it wipe all the data from the computer?

yes it is OK to put a phone next to a computer and no it will not wipe anything off it... where did you get such an idea?