How do i wipe everything off a memory stick.its a plug in usb type?

Answer to wipe a usb memory stick you simply right click the icon in "my computer",then click format a format window will appear and you need to select fat ,defualt capacity and quick format ... Read More »

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How to Wipe a Phone Memory Clean?

Even cell phones require the occasional spring cleaning. Whether you plan to sell your phone or incur problems with its usage, your cell phone memory can be deleted to free storage space or to rest... Read More »

How do I wipe complete memory from my old computer I now want to dispose of?

remove the hard drive and keep it to be sure

Do you need to wipe the memory of an iPod before giving it to gamestop?

They don't care. They will eventually have to erase everything when they refurbish them.

How do i wipe ALL my computers harddrive memory inculding the operating system?

put the disc in and do a complete reload.if that doesn't work open up the computer , there is a dip switch you can switch that will do it instantly.. look it up on google to know how to find it