How do i wipe clean a hard drive?

Answer…Zilla Data Nuker, it's free

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How do I wipe a hard drive clean?

Download or purchase a wipe program. Disk-wiping programs are programs that overwrite the data on your computer with meaningless ones and zeros. Click on the downloaded application or the applicati... Read More »

How to Wipe a Hard Drive Clean With Freeware?

Some people take their computers to specialty stores and pay exorbinant fees to have their hard drives wiped clean. Little do these people realize that there is a very simple, very easy process to ... Read More »

How to Wipe Clean an External Hard Drive?

External hard drives consist of a hard disk inside a durable housing, and usually connect to a computer through a USB or Firewire cable. These devices provide a great way to back up data on your co... Read More »

Is it possible to completely wipe your hard drive clean?

It depends on who's trying to find things on your hard drive.