How do i winter over dahlias?

Answer Prepare the PlantCut off the dahlia stems to a height of 6 inches after the first hard frost in fall. Dig the tuber root system from the ground by placing the tines of a pitchfork under the tuber a... Read More »

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How to store Dahlias for winter?

I also grow dahlias, you need to take the bulbs out of soil, allow them to dry thoroughly, and store them in a dark basement or outbuilding that doesn't freeze. You can separate the new bulbs that ... Read More »

When to cut back dahlias?

Dahlias will grow and flower quite happily until cut down by frost. After they have been blackened cut them to ground level and lift and store the tubers.

Are dahlias annuals?

Dahlias are considered tender perennial flowers. These summer flowers are semi-hardy in USDA plant hardiness zones 6 and 7. This means that the dahlias are left in the ground year round in these ar... Read More »

How to Buy Dahlias Wholesale?

Buying flowers wholesale has become much easier in the modern age. While there are still physical flower markets open to the public all over the country, they are not always the most convenient way... Read More »