How do i whiten dentures?

Answer Caring for dentures is as important as caring for teeth. Even though the threat of cavities is gone, gum disease and staining all still can occur. Caring for dentures with regular cleaning is the m... Read More »

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How to Clean and Whiten Your Dentures?

Have you have been wondering what the best way to clean and whiten your dentures is? Dentures can be cleaned with many of the same things that you use to clean regular teeth and other products tha... Read More »

How to Clean and Whiten Dentures?

Want to know how to clean your dentures better than a pro? My dad has been cleaning his dentures better than a pro for years and he's always got a white smile to prove it!So how does he remove tho... Read More »

Can you whiten acrylic dentures?

You cannot whiten acrylic dentures with bleaches or strips. Bleaching uses peroxide, which penetrates the tooth enamel but cannot penetrate dentures. Dental cleansers can take stains out of denture... Read More »

How to Use Oxy Clean to Clean and Whiten Dentures?

Want to save on the cost of all those denture cleaners?  Try Oxy-Clean and you will be surprised!