How do i weld a wrought iron railing?

Answer Welding a wrought iron railing is a great way to save money on a professional install, which can cost thousands. The only specialty tool needed is the welder itself. The rest of the tools required ... Read More »

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How much does wrought iron railing cost?

Wrought iron railing can vary widely in price. Factors that go into the price can include complexity of design, type of iron used and type of fabrication. For instance, a 4-foot section of basic ra... Read More »

Is wrought iron fence made with wrought iron?

Wrought iron fences are made with wrought iron. This type of fencing is strong and offers security from intruders. It is easily moldable, so fences can come in practically any design.Source:Wrought... Read More »

What is wrought iron?

An iron alloy, in which iron ore is heated and combined with other metals or elements, can result in a metal that has great strength and versatility. Some iron alloys, such as steel and cast iron, ... Read More »

How to Fix Broken Wrought Iron?

Although wrought iron is very strong, it is made from porous cast metal that will break under pressure. In the event you have wrought iron that does break, you can repair it with epoxy weld. This i... Read More »