How do i wash my vans?

Answer CanvasPut your Vans sneakers made of canvas in your washing machine with a mild detergent. Turn the machine on to a gentle cycle to prevent damage. Do not put suede Vans or those that have syntheti... Read More »

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How to Wash Vans Sneakers?

Vans carries a large line of suede sneakers available in a variety of colors. These sneakers, as with any other type of footwear, quickly collect dirt and other outdoor elements from everyday wear ... Read More »

How do I wash white Vans shoes?

Types of ShoesIdentify what your white Vans shoes are made from before beginning the cleaning process. Vans are typically made from either canvas or suede, and each material requires a different cl... Read More »

How do I properly wash white Vans tennis shoes?

Remove the shoelaces from your Vans tennis shoes. (If you have slip-on style shoes, which do not have laces, proceed to the next step.)For suede or leather shoes fill a bucket with warm, soapy wate... Read More »

If you dont wash your hair for 2 - 3 weeks does it wash itself?

Sounds like her hair used to be really greasy because she washed it way too often and possibly striped it from its natural oils. Or she could've been using shampoo/conditioner that wasn't suited fo... Read More »