How do i wash carpets with a Vax 2000 vacuum cleaner?

Answer No. You won't save money. The food will get warm and spoil faster and the fridge will have to run longer to bring the temperature back down.

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What is the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair on carpets?

AnswerWhile the process of the invention of refrigeration actually began as early as the 1700's and many appliances got their start from those early ideas, the idea of the home refrigerator was sta... Read More »

Should the brush roller on a vacuum cleaner be used when cleaning carpets or bare floors?

A man cleaning his apartment pushes a vacuum cleaner with a force of magnitude 79.3 N The force makes an angle of 22.8 with the horizontal floor The vacuum cleaner is pushed 2.29 m to the right?

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What is the button for with the little thing that looks like a vacuum cleaner on the dash of the 2000 cougar?

Answer It is the traction control switch as listed in manual.