How do i use the printer, which is connected to another computer?

Answer you have to be connected in a network connection between your pc and the other on and the other one wich has the printer should share the printer so you can print

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How to Access a Printer Connected to Another Computer?

It can be a frustrating if you need to print a document and the computer you are using does not have a printer connected to it. If the printer is attached to another computer, there is a way to pri... Read More »

How can I make my Laptop print to a printer connected with another computer?

Make the two ssytems as network. Connect the printer in anyone of the system and install it. While installing the printer should ask you teh following two options:1. local printer 2. network printe... Read More »

Can I print a font which is not installed on the computer which is connected to the printer?

If you are using MS Word, you can save True Type fonts by changing the options under Tools & under the Save tab select Embed True Type fonts with the document. You can try taking the font files wit... Read More »

How do I set up a printer that was previously connected to a different computer?

wireless is a maybe. Just use a printer cable or USB one.The computer will recognize it. If you have it's Disk, run it.