How do i use my sony cybershot DSC-W30 as a webcam?

Answer Just connect it to your pc and put into video mode. Then open Yahoo messenger or MSN messnger. Use the menus in IM to activate it

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Can you use sony cybershot dsc-p71 as a webcam?

Unfortunately no. You need a TV in to make it work

Can you use your sony cybershot dsc p200 as a webcam?

Can you use your Sony CyberShot DSC p200 as a web cam?"

Can you use the same accessories from a Sony cybershot 12.1 on Sony cybershot 7.2?

Which Sony battery works best with Sony Cybershot DSC-T200?

Why limit yourself to a Sony battery? The stock NP-FD1 is a good lithium-ion battery. But if you think Sony makes these power cells, you're dreaming. Sony has them manufactured for them. And the co... Read More »