How do i use my dell sk-8110 keyboard on my acer laptop?

Answer Sorry Patrick but your incorrect.The USB - PS/2 adapters do not work on all PS/2 devices the way they work the other way around. A USB can be used in a PS/2 computer socket with an adapter but ther... Read More »

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How to Remove an Acer Laptop Keyboard?

Laptop keyboards are often subjected to food and drink spills, dirt, crumbs and excessive use. This can lead to one or more of the keys sticking or failing altogether. When cleaning doesn't fix the... Read More »

How do i clean an acer laptop keyboard?

DustingTurn off your laptop. Using a can of compressed air, dust between the keys to remove any debris or dust.CleaningDampen the cotton bud of a Q-tip with isopropyl alcohol. Do not over-saturate ... Read More »

Which laptop to buy hp or acer or dell.?

Acer or dell for laptop?

Dell. In the professional IT market Acer is not even a major player at this time. The two best names in the business market for PC's is HP and Dell.Keep in mind the Comsuer PC models are different ... Read More »