How do i use microsoft 7 spelling&grammar checker?

Answer Select the "Review" tab on the toolbar.Click the "Spelling & Grammar" button, which has the letters ABC and a check mark.Microsoft Word will either tell you that the check is complete, meaning it f... Read More »

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How to Customize the Grammar Checker in Microsoft Word?

One of Microsoft Word's key features is its spelling and grammar checker. Read this article to find out how to customize it. (note: Microsoft Word 2007)

How do I fix the spell checker in Excel?

Click the "Office Button" and choose the "Excel Options" along the lower right-hand portion of the dialog window.Now choose the "Proofing" section. There are two areas here that will be of interes... Read More »

How to Use the Spell Checker wikiHow App?

One of the simplest ways in which you can help to improve wikiHow is to spell check a couple of articles. wikiHow provides a computer spell checker to identify articles likely to have spelling mist... Read More »

Online virus checker?

I use AVG free version and it's very thorough, it takes aaaaaages to complete and scans every nook and cranny of your pc!You could also try deleting your cookies, and running the de-frag thingy, th... Read More »