How do i use google to find out more about someone?

Answer put all info you know city state full name. age. everything!Blood and stool sample.

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How to Find Someone on a Google GPS?

Google Latitude is a free app that allows you to track friends either through the Latitude website, a GPS laptop or your mobile phone. Latitude, which utilizes the triangulation and Wi-Fi technolog... Read More »

How do you handle your feelings if your father seems to hate you and once said 'I don't want to be your father any more go find someone who cares about you'?

If your father said that he wasn't acting like a parent should. He was not being responsible or caring and these are very important parts of being a parent. It is hard to be caring and responsible ... Read More »

Can someone explain to me more about heart failures?

Heart disease symptoms are mostly the same as being out of shape. Tiredness, weakness, shortness of breath when active, limits on endurance, perhaps chest tightness if severe. More rarely you might... Read More »

Can someone please explain why Wikipedia, Google, and such are protesting about the internet?

Just Copyright Purposes...Its To Stop People Who Download Copyrighted Material Illegally...Such As Websites As Megaupload Or Pirate Bay...