How do i use camcorder to make a home on a DVD?

Answer Which Panasonic camcorder?What storage media does it use? Flash memory, Hard disc drive, miniDV tape, Digital8 tape, analog?How are you plugging it in to your computer? USB, firewire, AV cables?Wha... Read More »

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How to Find the Best Camcorder to Make Home Movies?

Camcorders are great for making home movies, but choosing the best can be hard.

What is a good program to make home DVD movies from a DV Camcorder?

I enjoy Roxio which is fairly cheap but another good one is maybe Nero you can get more info on them at the website located on the source. I use them both they are both easy to work with!

How do you make a good documentary at home w/ a camcorder, a computer, and spend no more money?

Forget about "spend no more money." You'll have to spend some. That doesn't mean you'll have to blow your life savings, but some practical purchases are in order.Get a tripod.Get an extra battery... Read More »

How do I post a home made VHS tape on the internet Not A digital camcorder?

simple u cantu have to send it to a shop that converts tapes to dvdsif i were u i would get a high-definition minidv camcordersbut it costs around a $1000 dollars