How do i use a sluice box?

Answer Secure the SluicePlace your sluice box in a stream with a swift current. Do not allow your sluice to wobble; secure it by placing large river rocks at the base. Test the current by placing a handfu... Read More »

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DIY Sluice?

A sluice box is a tool used by people hunting for gold. The sluice box is set at an angle. Sand from a creek or river bed is placed at the top of the sluice box. Water is poured over the sand, caus... Read More »

What is a sluice?

A sluice is an artificial channel or trough that is used to regulate the flow of water through a valve or gate, called a sluicegate or floodgate. A sluice might be used to help irrigate fields, con... Read More »

What does sluice mean?

A "sluice" is a sliding gate or a valve used to control the flow of water in an artificially-constructed channel. "Sluice" can also refer to the channel itself. When used as a verb, "sluice" means ... Read More »

What is the definition of"sluice box"?

The Bureau of Land Management defines a sluice box as a long, narrow, wood or metal artificial channel that water passes through when placed in a creek or stream. A sluice box is used most commonly... Read More »