How do i use a camping coffee percolator?

Answer Build the camp fire and allow it to burn down. Create a space in the center of the fire with a stick for the percolator to sit. The fire should be low enough that you can safely reach into the cent... Read More »

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Coffee percolator makes hot water but no coffee?

Clean it by running clear water through it, do this periodically..

How do i use a coffee percolator?

Fill the water chamberFill the percolator with the desired quantity of water. Some percolators have interior markings that will indicate the amount of water required per cup. Use fresh, cold water.... Read More »

How do I brew coffee in a percolator?

Add WaterLook inside the percolator at the interior markings and fill the chamber with cold water to the appropriate marking. Then, insert the coffee basket on the stem and rinse it with water. Thi... Read More »

How do i clean out a coffee percolator?

UnplugUnplug the percolator from the outlet and, if the cord is removable, detach the cord from the percolator. Allow the percolator to cool before handling it.DisassembleSeparate the coffee filter... Read More »