How do i use VB code in MS Excel?

Answer One way to do this is with some VBA coding that works whenever there is a modification to the Worksheet. The following example is not specific for your example of the A1 and A3 cells, but could be... Read More »

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Help with excel code?

=IF( AND(A1=A2, A1=A3), "D2", IF( AND(A1="D2", A2="D2", A3="D2"), "D3",""))I could understand the first line of specification,but don't know what the rest is.hit F1 in excel and learn about IF and ... Read More »

How do I create a bar code on Excel for free?

Download FontDownload a bar-code font, and save it to your desktop. There are many versions of these fonts, and they all perform the same function. Most versions are free.Install FontClick on "Star... Read More »

How to Format a Zip Code to a US 5 Digit Standard in Excel?

When Zip Codes in Microsoft Excel are entered into a cell that start or end with a zero, that zero digit can be removed automatically by the program when editing of the cell is finished. Formatting... Read More »

How can i code this in excel Searching a cell in google?

There is a way to use the address info in one or more cells to produce a Hyperlink that when clicked will do either a search in Google, or display the Map location. But this requires not only the ... Read More »