How do i upload video's from my camcorder to my pc?

Answer Try using firewire cable. Almost every miniDV camera has firewire port, provided that your computer is installed with firewire card. You only captured photo because you used USB cable

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How to upload videos from a JVC Everio camcorder onto my PC?

When you connect your Everio to your computer, it acts exactly like an external harddrive. I use a Mac, so my circumstances are a little different than yours.Step 1: Connect the camera to your comp... Read More »

How do I upload videos from my Canon DVD DC100 Camcorder onto Youtube?

Finalize the disc in the camcorder...the disc can then be read in your computer's DVD drive. You can then copy the video files (*.vob files) to your computer, and then convert the files to a video... Read More »

Can I upload videos to Youtube with the Flip Camcorder in 1080p HD quality?

The resolution of flip MinoHD and UltraHD camcorder is up to 1280*720, but if you want to upload your file to YouTube. It’s a bit tough. As I know, Flip video Converter can help you convert your ... Read More »

How do i convert the videos from my camcorder in order to be able to upload them on windows movie maker?

get some proffessional help, not going to be easy with an old camcorder!